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We have fought long and hard trying to get these links taken down, only to see many more come up every day. It’s a losing battle, for sure, but we keep on keeping on.

rnBut at the end of the day, we know that anyone who uses these nulled versions eventually does come back to us to buy the legit version, because usually, the guy who “sold” them a nulled version of our plugin for “a fantastic deal” disappears, their site gets flooded with pr0n and spam links, or eventually things break so bad, that they realize their mistake and end up buying a legit copy. Many even ‘fess up to their mistake most of the times because even after they upload the legit version, it may not work because the nulled version screwed up the database so bad that it is practically unrecoverable. And they lose all data, and end up starting from scratch.

rnSo I guess there is kind of a “poetic justice” here, but an article like this should go a long way in discouraging those explicitly seeking out nulled scripts and plugins instead of either going with free ones from the WordPress repository, or buying a legit copy of the software. So thank you for highlighting the aftermath of such poor choices. rnPerfect example of why you should be paying developers for their hard work and time in developing plugins.

  • DHVC Form v1.4.21 – WordPress Form for Visual ComposerWooCommerce Dropshippers v2.7
  • WCBox – Product Slider Plugin For WoocommerceProgress Map WordPress Plugin v2.8.6
  • Smart Posts Tagger v2.1Infinite Ajax Scroll Woocommerce v1.4.0
  • Maintenance PRO v3.5 – WordPress pluginSuperfly v4.1.10 – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin
  • Onyx Files v3.0 – File Download Manager for WordPressUltimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.7
  • Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.2.2eForm v3.5.0 – WordPress Form Builder

Leap v1.1.0 – Chat WordPress PluginEvent Booking Pro v3.91 – WP Plugin [paypal or offline]

Think about the amount of time it took to create the plugin, and then consider the amount of time it’s going to save you as a user. rnI see no reason not to pay a developer for their software and time in developing that plugin.

Nature – Responsive Coming Soon WP PluginWooCommerce Bulk Edit PRO v1.2

  • Facebook Messenger for WordPress v2.1WooCommerce Extra Product Options v4.4.1.1
  • Visual Composer Add-on – Image Overlay & Flip Box v1.4.1Sorting WooCommerce Pro v3.0
  • Visual Composer Addon – Logos Showcase Pro v1.2.1Copyright Office – WordPress Plugin
  • Livestream Social For WordPress v1.1Legacy v5.2 – White label WordPress Admin Theme
  • WooCommerce Email Customizer PROFancy Product Designer v3.3.1 – WooCommerce plugin
  • Social & WhatsApp Sharing For WooCommerce v2.0Search Manager v3.8 – Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Gravity Forms v2.1.0.1 + AddonsWeather for Visual Composer

rnUr on ur way to get nulled wordpress themes PluginNulled.com heaven rnAre these downloaded from their official sources or warez sites?rnSuch injections are inherent for warez sites and possible (as in probable) for official sites. rn- Moral of the story: FREELOADERS ALWAYS PAY! (insert evil laughter here)rnGood article, and great reminder. One question: are you confident that first eval() snippet came with the plugin? I can’t seem to find a free version of the SEO Pressor, which made me wonder if this code wasn’t inserted just because the site got hacked. Thoughts?rnIt’s not the result of a hack.

Mapplic v4.1 – Custom Interactive Map WordPress PluginComing Soon v3.5 – CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin

The plugin was not official (gratuit) and the injected code does the same thing as what we found in other “patched” plugins. It definitely came with the repackaged pirated version of SEOPressor. rnMoreover, the logic of that code (emailing blog URL and subsequent creation of a new admin user) makes absolutely no sense if it was added by a hacker and#8211 hackers already know the site URL and they can create any WP users if they can modify plugin files and#8211 no need to do it the hard way. rnDenis, you are right.

These codes are shipped with pirated version. I’d really like to make a point again that SEOPressor does not contain these malicious codes. Please use Genuine Version.

rn. rnMickey you are right. There are hackers injecting and cracking SEOPressor plugin. rnMy advise is, do not download free/cracked SEOPressor.

rnSEOPressor works off our API server and cracked version of SEOPressor will not work. Only genuine copies of SEOPressor will receive response of analysis from our server. rnIf it’s not from the WordPress repository or from the authors envato site or own website, chances are high that there is something wrong with it when the provider is some uber-cool blackhat marketing blog providing the files through hotfile or similar storage servicesand#8230money saved at the wrong end!rnSEOPressor has been doing this for years there has been many discussions over this on countless forums. rnIt goes to show you though be careful what you download. rnSEOPressor, the genuine version, does not contain the malicious codes. rnI would like to reach out to you that SEOPressor does not contain the codes you mentioned in your post. rnYou should verify with SEOPressor’s team before posting false information on the web, Securi is a brand, and at SEOPressor, we use Securi as well on our blog.

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